Who is the Best Hot Rod Builder?

Roy Brizio, Rich Wait, Veda Orr, Bailon, Andy Brizio, Dean Jeffries are some of the renowned experts in hot rod building industry. Learn more about their work and achievements.

Who is the Best Hot Rod Builder?

Roy Brizio is a renowned expert in the hot rod building industry. He has been in the business for over 20 years and is a sought-after expert. His work has been featured in many car shows and exhibitions, including the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association's 11th FItech Spring Nationals exhibition at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rich Wait, founder of the Hot Rod Factory, is another well-known hot rod builder.

He began building cars in a small garage for his own use and now his work is highly sought after. His store is located in an industrial section of south San Francisco and is easily recognizable due to the hot rods of customers parked out front. Veda Orr was another hot rod hero who kept the flame alive during World War II. She managed Racing News from the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) and wrote Hot Rod Pictorial and Dry Lakes Pictorial, becoming the first person (male or female) to write a hot rod book.

Tom Medley credited Veda as the glue that held hot rodding together during the war years. Bailon was another passionate hot rod builder who created the iconic Caramel Apple Red color. This color had a metallic base layer, a transparent color layer and a final transparent layer. Roy Brizio began working with his father, Andy Brizio, who was a legend among the post-war generation of vehicles.

He was known for his “Instant-T DIY kits” which turned Ford Model T into custom “T-Bucket” hot rods. The Hot Rod Factory has built numerous Roadster Show winners and also built Hot Rod magazine's T roadster for the publication's 50th anniversary. Dean's Hot Rods have been finalists several times for the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Hot Rod of the Year awards and their vehicles have participated in several Goodguys Car Shows. The Hot Rod Factory will even search for the right car for customers and restore it to its unique potential.

Hollywood Hot Rods, founded and run by Dean Jeffries, is already established among the big builders of modern rods. Jeffries originally raced a modified Ford roadster and was looking for more speed, but he knew there were aerodynamic problems with the Squarish-Ford.