Where is Hot Rod Garage Located? An Expert's Guide

Learn where Hot Rod Garage is located from an expert's perspective! We'll tell you all about Steve Dulchich's garage in Southern California.

Where is Hot Rod Garage Located? An Expert's Guide

Every month, Hot Rod hosts club members for a VIP tour of the HOT ROD, Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage facilities in the Los Angeles area. The Roadkill Garage show is mostly filmed in Steve Dulchich's own garage, which is located on his farm. While the production location of the series is in Southern California, Dulchich's garage is where most cars are worked on and stored. If you're a fan of the show, you may have seen Steve Dulchich's garage in the background of Roadkill Garage.

This garage specializes in all aspects of street bar repair, traditional turnkey hot rod construction, custom automotive upholstery, chassis modifications and custom body and paint work. The team has completed over 90 episodes of Hot Rod Garage in the last 6 years and they're always looking for new challenges. Roadkill Garage is an automotive-themed web program produced by magazines such as MotorTrend and Hot Rod. It's hosted by the editor-in-chief of Hot Rod magazine, David Freiburger, along with editor Mike Finnegan, who serve as the main cast of the show.

When it was announced that Lucky Costa would become a permanent member of the Hot Rod Garage family, he had been away from the screen for a while. We spoke to Tony Angelo, Lucky Costa, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan about their thoughts on Tony's departure and the future of Hot Rod Garage. The audience of the show will remember their favorite moments on camera, but Tony and the Hot Rod Garage team will remember all the moments they had off-screen. Over the years, Tony and Lucky not only saved a show that wasn't planned to live beyond its third season, but they created a unique experience that made people care about Hot Rod Garage.

It was in the second season that Freiburger and Finnegan knew that Hot Rod Garage needed to find their address. Finally, Tony rebuilt a G-Force trans in record time and turned it into Mike Finnegan's Chevy 55 to save the day and lead the team to win their class at Hot Rod Drag Week. In addition to Tony's work on Hot Rod Garage, he has also worked on Roadkill with Freiburger and Finnegan.While some project car shows focus on drama or shenanigans, the most prominent word in the Hot Rod Garage title is “Garage”. In fact, David was one of the original hosts of Hot Rod Garage until fans welcomed Lucky Costa to replace him.So if you're looking for a place to get your car fixed up or just want to check out where all the action happens for Roadkill Garage and Hot Rod Garage, head over to Steve Dulchich's garage in Southern California!.