How Much Does a Hot Rod Kit Car Cost?

Learn about how much a hot rod kit car costs from FormaCars. We use Factory Five Racing kits for our 33 factory luxury Hot Rods.

How Much Does a Hot Rod Kit Car Cost?

The performance and handling of a modern exotic car, with classic American heritage, is exactly what you would expect from the 33rd Hot Rod. It has been proven to outperform a Lamborghini on the track, so you know if this vehicle is for you. All high-quality FormaCars '33 hot rods come with waterproof electronics, powder-coated sheet metal, painted rivets and more to increase value and last a lifetime. The luxurious, high-quality, precision-engineered Hot Rod '33 comes with all the performance capabilities you'd expect from an exotic racing car.\The recognition of hot rods not only made being a bully socially acceptable, but it also brought attention to the most significant hot rods built at the time.

If you're on a budget and want to enjoy one of these bad boys, there are still plenty of options for cheap car kits. All things being equal, steel cars can get an additional 25% value if they are not filled with plastic. FormaCars uses the Factory Five Racing kits because they are the most advanced and highly designed Hot Rod '33 chassis, designed to date and have a long history of being the best in the replica market.\Vindicator Cars Ltd is popularly known for its expertise in manufacturing cheap, durable and reliable kit cars. Features such as a bench seat, a 5' functional truck bed, traditional doors and a large cab make this high-performance Hot Rod a fun cruiser.

The Lancia Stratos, which was used predominantly during the 1970s for the World Rally Championship, is one of the best automatic kits ever built. The alloy inlaid cars of the 80s and 90s “Billet Era” haven't maintained as well as most old rods.\Budgeting for the maintenance of your car kit will help you detect and resolve any maintenance problems that may arise and will save you a lot of money in the long run. In addition to these, a kit car would require many other parts to turn it into a complete car ready to hit the road. Depending on the time you want, there are historic hot rods that speak not only of the period in which they were built, but of those who remember them.

Here in the Northeast, it's the only type of rapid transit vehicle that most of the community will see in person, so it's prestigious enough.\The cost of servicing your car kit will depend on the type of car and the type and level of maintenance required. We built the 33 factory luxury Hot Rods using historically renowned, industry-leading roadster frames and chassis designed by Factory Five Racing.